New album "Gestalt Lamp"

expected release somewhere in 2016



The Pyamaha PSS-570 on "Synchronizitšt"



The Yamaha PSS-170 on "Mindsweeper"


Hohner P-120 on "Fairy Slide"
T The Casio PT-50 on "the Runner" The Casio MT-52 on "Bits Hop"



.And the Yamaha PSS-100 on "the Runner"


The Superb Sound EK-410 on "Select Start"

  The GEM Sprinter 61 on "Gestalt Lamp"

and the Hohner PSK45 on "The Runner"


Bontempi on "Bontempi"


Bontempi PM 662 on "Select Start"



 ...and the GEM Rodeo 49 for the magic chords


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Dion AndThe Magic-Chords